Class of 2011

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Graduating Seniors are:  Robert De Santiago, Elizabeth Lee, Anastasia Yee, Elissa Flandro, Cameron Lehman, Benjamin Olmsted, AD Program Director John Barton, Ben Halpern, Yu-Ting Yeh, Reid Chandler, and Adam Ting


CEE 134 Review

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Class of 2010

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Front row:  Christina Landry, Alexandra Liptsey-Rahe, Kelly Shultz, Whitney Mapes, Julie Mithun, Corwin Crownover

Back row:  Alex Ackerman-Greenberg, Hoku Ching, Luke Henesy

Class of 2009

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Class of 2009

Front row: Caroline Crandall, Abel-Diego Romero

Second row: Nithando Thandiwe, Jordan Chazin, Rachel Dawn,
Mae Ryan, Mikal Brewer, and Ben Burdick

Missing: Erin Bell and Rachel Griego

Additional photos from the Senior dinner celebration, June 2009

Architecture Lecture Series April 2009

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Joseph Gonzalez Lecturing

Joseph Gonzalez,
Architect and Lecturer

For additional photos from this lecture, click here

Welcome back!

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Dear Students,
As the school year approaches I want to make you aware of some important dates and events coming up in the first weeks of school.

CEE Welcome Back Event

On Thursday September 25 from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM CEE is hosting a welcome back event. It will be held on the 3rd floor terrace on the north side of Y2E2. I strongly encourage you to attend. Please let Christina ( know that you will attend so she can let the organizers have an accurate count.

Lunch for Patti Walters

As you know Patti has stepped down from the Director’s position. She has done a fabulous job building our program and we should celebrate her success. Thus there will be an informal lunch, most likely on 9/25 in the open space outside our studio. Please stay tuned for a more formal announcement.


I would like to create a bulletin board for our program that includes a photograph of each of our students and lecturers. Please stop by Christina’s office in the first week of school and get photographed.


I would like to meet with each senior sometime in the first half of the quarter. As the new Director I have a lot to learn, and checking in with each of you about your needs and issues relative to graduation is important. I want to leave plenty of time to process any changes, deviations, courses taken abroad etc. Please plan to drop by my office (Y2E2 267) on Monday, Wednesday or Friday afternoon or set up another time that works for you.


Noa Santos is working hard to set up a student chapter of the American Institute of Architects. This is an important step for our program and will provide you each with access to programs and events, and further build our community. It is particularly great development this year as the national convention of the AIA will be in San Francisco from April 30 to May 2. I have already had conversations with leaders of other architecture programs about events to connect students from across California at this event.


Speaking of the AIA, the Santa Clara Valley chapter of the AIA will have its monthly meeting in Y2E2. This event is planned for September 18 from 6-9 PM. If you are back and want to attend that would be great. Just let me know as I have arranged with the Chapter Executive Director to have the AD program in full display as part of the tour of the building.

Alumni Weekend

Stanford is holding Alumni Weekend on October 10 – 12. On the 10th CEE will host a couple of events from 4-6 PM and 6-8 PM. We have been asked to show off the AD program and I need a few students to help me with some set up issues and to attend the events with me. If you are interested, please let me know ASAP.

Lastly I want to let you know how excited I am to be taking the reigns of the program. It is truly a great honor. I hope to build on Patti’s wonderful work and create a fantastic program with a strong sense of community and an even stronger academic focus. Please feel free to drop by my office and let me know where you see our program going and how you would like to become more involved.

I am looking forward to a great year!

John Barton,
Interim Director,
Architectural Design Program

Arch Design Grads 08

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Arch Design Grads 08

Graduation Architectural Design Majors June 15, 2008.
Left to right Fareez,Devin,Jacob,Emily,Alex,Chris,Charlie,Desirae,Troy.